Kona Humu humu Nukunuku-A-Pua’A, the retro ride

Seriously, my bike is called a Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua’A, but you can call it the Humu 1 for short.

Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua'A

Back in 1998 I had a road bike and a nice mountain bike and I didn’t really feel comfortable leaving either of them locked up around town while I was running errands, so I picked up a red 19″ Kona Humuhumu-Nukunuku-A-Pua’A as a “beater”.  This retro ride is named for the state fish of Hawaii and styled on a 1950’s cruiser.

Here it is in the original catalog entry, borrowed from Konaretro:

Konaretro catalog 1998

For years I rode this bike to work, to get groceries, to putt around town, ride some light trails etc.  The paint job was pretty much destroyed after 6-7 years of locking it to a thousand different posts and bike racks.  Eventually I thought it would be nice to have it stripped down and re-painted.  A friend of a friend, who worked in a paint shop, offered to paint it for a low price and suppose I got what I paid for.  There were runs in the paint, inconsistencies in the coverage etc.  Long story short it was a bit of a let down so I put the frame and the parts aside and wondered what to do about it.  Through 3 moves and 7 years the parts sat in storage!  A few weeks ago, when I could take it no longer, I finally had it all put back together, although I was missing a few parts (anyone seen my non drive-side crank arm?)…

2013 and it’s back on the road at last!  This bike is a joy to ride.  It doesn’t exactly beg to go fast, it just wants to cruise around and help you soak in the sights.  Coast, don’t pedal down hills and stop and smell the roses once and a while.  If you see an orange Humu1 in town you’ll know it’s mine as I’m quite sure it is the only one!

Happy riding.