Gluten-free Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday preceeds the 1st day of Lent.  A longstanding tradition is to have pancakes as a meal.  Growing up we always had them for dinner on Shrove Tuesday.  For those not participation in Lent it is still a great excuse to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  So I skipped breakfast and had my pancakes for lunch today with a huge onion and spinach omelette.


Here’s a whole grain gluten-free pancake recipe if you’re interested in trying something new.  To start things off you’ll need:

1/2 cup quinoa (red quinoa adds some nice colour)
3/4 cup short grain brown rice
Soak the grains overnight with enough water to cover and add 1tbsp lemon juice.

In the morning, rinse the grains in a colander and place in a blender.

quinoa and brown rice

quinoa and brown rice

Add 1/2 can of coconut milk and blend until smooth (a few tbsp of water may be needed to get the blender going, depending on how thoroughly you strained the grains).
Mix in:
1 egg
1Tbsp coconut oil or olive oil
1/4tsp sea salt
2Tbsp shredded coconut or brown rice flour or tapioca flour  ( optional )

Finally, briefly stir 1tsp baking soda into vortex.

Cook on medium heat with a small amount of oil in the pan and enjoy.  Makes a dozen 3.5″ pancakes.