A beautiful day to Paddle The Don

There are two major events wrapping up right about now in Toronto, the huge Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon and the lesser known Paddle the Don event.

It’s not often that you see a canoe in the Don River.  Most of the time it’s just too shallow (and smelly).  Once every spring however the TRCA floods the river and offers a unique opportunity to ‘Paddle the Don’.  The current leads you about 12-15km from Earnest Thompson Seton Park (around Leslie/Eglinton) to the Don’s outlet into Lake Ontario at the Keating Channel.  Those who brave the cold waters, currents and portages are treated to unique views at the heart of Canada’s largest city.

I was out early for a relatively quick 80km bike ride to Port Credit this morning and took advantage of some of the quiet roads that were closed for the marathon.  Eventually the runners took over the streets and I had to re-route up the Don trail to make my way home.  So I stopped a few times to snap a some pics and cheer on some paddlers.

Don_river_canoe (5)

See the guy in the red canoe below?   Me neither.  These guys dumped their boat in some rapids.  The water must have been cold!  They looked well dressed for the occasion though and some fellow canoeists were quickly upon them to help them gather their gear.

Capsized canoe

Capsized canoe

Click on any of the pics to see them full size.  Surely no picture will do justice to the experience but each shot seems to put you into a wilderness far removed from the city.

Don_river_canoe (3) Don_river_canoe (4)

Go to http://paddlethedon.ca/ to sign up for next year or to sponsor a paddler.


About eatpedalpaddle

I am an avid cyclist, canoeist, personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and certified nutritional practitioner in Toronto, Ontario.

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