Part 2/3: Today’s ride – The West Toronto Railpath

With my flat tire all pumped up I was on my way towards the Junction neighbourhood to check out Bunner’s Bakery, but first a little detour to check out the West Toronto Railpath.  Phase 1 of this project was completed a couple of years ago but I’d forgotten all about it.  A couple of weeks ago NOW magazine mentioned that the railpath had received a National Urban Design Award, so it was back on my radar.

The first phase is only 2km and runs from Cariboo Ave down to Dundas St West at Sterling Rd.  Once the next two phases are completed it will take riders, walkers and runners from the Junction as far as Liberty Village, that’s 6.5km of car-free riding.

If you want to check out a map of the path and read about its development then check out the railpath blog.  I took a few pics along the way and posted them below.

Here’s a great mural behind the Osler Fish Market.

The view from the foot bridge at Wallace Ave

The streets are all well marked. From here stairs take you down to Bloor St.

Lots of great graffiti along here

But here’s a sample of what is referred to as “art’ along the path, and there’s plenty of it:


Okay, time for some carbo loading in part III.  🙂


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I am an avid cyclist, canoeist, personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and certified nutritional practitioner in Toronto, Ontario.

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