C’mon CTV! Seriously?

So I literally just finished watching the Olympic Men’s Time Trial Cycling event.  They are just finishing the medal ceremony.

What a great race and congrats to Wiggins on taking gold.  Hot on the heels of his Tour de France victory and time trial stage wins he has done it again!   It’s also good to see Froome share the podium with Wiggins again as he did in the Tour and to see Tony Martin in 2nd after a fracture forced him to abandon the Tour de France just a few weeks ago.  Tony is known as a time trial specialist so it was no surprise to see him do so well.

Obviously, as a Canadian, I had hoped to see Hesjedel, this year’s Tour D’Italia champion, up there on the podium too.  He abandoned the TDF early after a crash, which gave him time to rest.  He used that time to win his final tune-up criterium race in Roeselare Belgium on July 24th, but finished 63rd in the road race and way down in the standings in the time trial.  Either way I’m sure I’ll see a lot of cyclists out on the road showing their support for Ryder by proudly wearing their Garmin-Sharp jerseys.

Okay CTV, what’s up with your on-line coverage of the time trial?  Covering a sport involves more than pointing cameras at participants.  Where’s the race analysis?  Did your mic cut out?  Did your announcer call in sick this morning?  How about an update on the racer’s position in the overall at any particular check point? Just say something!  I would have thought that I was on mute except for the roar of the crowd.

Oh well, now that the race is over it’s time to go for a bike ride.

Ride safe!

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I am an avid cyclist, canoeist, personal trainer, holistic lifestyle coach and certified nutritional practitioner in Toronto, Ontario.

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